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Through the organizations it has helped found, guide and support, NNF has advanced a variety of causes that help address the long term problem of attaining sustainable development.

With NNF's help, NNYN entered into a strategic alliance with City University of New York which resulted in the creation of a course at CUNY devoted to nature in New York, and culminated in the founding of a new institute, the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities. With the assistance of NNF, NNYN also created books and supporting educational materials, including one published by National Geographic that teaches about the nature in and around New York. Finally, with NNF's help, NNYN commissioned a major transit report that was overseen by Institute of Rational Mobility on balancing free mass transit with congestion

NNF also helped to establish a The Nurture Nature Center in the city of Easton, Pennsylvania, at a central location on the Delaware River. The Center includes, along with other undertakings, unique exhibits and programs addressing the urgent problem of flooding along our waters. NNF has provided direct support for the Center, and also assisted with the formation of a Pennsylvania nonprofit named Nurture Nature Center, Inc., to help with local outreach In the same city, NNF renovated a historic building that had been closed for over a decade, reopening it as a hotel that has played a critical role in revitalizing the downtown area of the city of Easton and has become as well a center or community activity in the town.

NNF also assisted in the establishment of the Kheel Center on Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes which is dedicated to assisting law students, lawyers and law associations as well as corporate and individual members of the public on the resolution of environmental "interest" disputes, that is, disputes that can only be resolved by agreement or voluntary consent as distinguished from "rights" disputes which address violations of environmental laws through litigation.
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