Last Turn Your Turn, Robert Rauschenberg

The mission of Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) is to help in resolving what is possibly the most serious challenge the world faces today:
the intensifying conflict between the indispensable goals of environmental protection and economic development.

Environmental Crisis Exhibit
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Environmental Crisis Exhibit

$ 25.00
From March 6 - April 12, 1008, an important exhibit was held at the Jacobson Howard Gallery in New York City, entitled "Last Turn, Your Turn: Robert Rauschenberg and the Environmental Crisis." The exhibit was the brainchild of Ted Kheel, Rauschenberg's friend and lawyer at the time of the Earth Summit, and was sponsored by the Nurture Nature Foundation, in recognition of the important role Rauschenberg's art has played in promoting environmental awareness. The catalog for the exhibit was written by Robert S. Mattison, Marshall R. Metzgar Professor of Art History, Lafayette College, the author of "Robert Rauschenberg: Breaking Boundaries.” To view the catalog, click here.

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