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The mission of Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) is to help in resolving what is possibly the most serious challenge the world faces today:
the intensifying conflict between the indispensable goals of environmental protection and economic development.

Kheel Center for Environmental Interest Disputes

The Kheel Center on Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes at Pace Law School was established to provide educational programs for law students and lawyers in the techniques of discovery, fact-finding and other means of alternative dispute resolution to resolve environmental "interest disputes," i.e., those disputes that do not lend themselves to resolution by litigation.

The Center was created through a gift by NNF to the Pace Law School, which was announced in April 2008As the New York Times reported at the time, Pace Law School was selected for the donation because of its standing as a pioneer in environmental law.

NNF's founder, in explaining the basis for the gift, repeated the tenet that lies at the heart of NNF's mission, that resolving the conflict between the environment and  development is critical to the survival of life on this planet.” There are some inherent qualities that make lawyers especially suited to mediating these and other environmental issues, he continued:

“Lawyers are particularly skilled in getting the facts; that’s their fundamental training,” Mr. Kheel said. “You don’t have the facts, you can’t come to a sensible conclusion.” (NYTimes, April 13, 2008).
Upon receiving the donation, Pace Law School announced a new course designed explore the common characteristics of environmental disputes and the range of resolution options from rights-based approaches, such as litigation and appellate advocacy, to interest-based approaches, such as consensus building, mediation, collaborative governance, and facilitation. The Kheel Center has also offered CLE courses, held conferences, and offered research and publishing opportunities. It produced a special edition of the Pace Environmental Law Review, entitled "Environmental Interest Disputer Resolution: Changing Times-Changing Practice."