Last Turn Your Turn, Robert Rauschenberg

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Burroughs Dream
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Burroughs Dream

$ 2,500.00

By: Robert Rauschenberg

A six-color offset lithograph printed created and signed by the artist Robert Rauschenberg. 32 3/8"x 21 5/8".

A Brief History on Burroughs Dream:

At the request of Theodore W. Kheel, Robert Rauschenberg created Burroughs Dream as a commentary on the Highway Trust Fund, created pursuant to the law Congress enacted in 1954 that has profoundly changed life in America. The law dedicated all taxes on gasoline to the building of interstate highways throughout the United States. Though well intended, the law has led to the decline of rail mass transportation as it encouraged the flight of well to do citizens from cities to suburbs and the expansion of minority populations in those cities, thereby creating a host of unanticipated urban problems we now must address. Rauschenberg's commentary is contained in words that appeared in Burroughs Dream:"They did not fully understand the technique. In a very short time they nearly wrecked the planet."