Last Turn Your Turn, Robert Rauschenberg

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Clan Destiny The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, 1996
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Clan Destiny The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, 1996

$ 5,000.00

By: Robert Rauschenberg

A five color lithograph in an edition of one-hundred with thirty artist's proofs and eight printer's proofs. The print is signed, dated '96 and numbered by the artist Robert Rauschenberg below the image left. Six printings from six plates were made on the off-set lithographic press by Doug Bennett, Jill Brumfield, Frank D'Agostino, Bill Goldston, Scott Smith, Douglas Volle, Bruce Wankel and Craig Zammiello. The paper is Coventry Rag Vellum hand torn to 43 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches (110.49 x 72.39cms.). The plates were cancelled after printing.

A Brief History on Clan Destiny:

At the request of Theodore W. Kheel, Robert Rauschenberg created Clan Destiny to support the 1996 Conference on Human Settlements, also known as the United Nations City Summit which was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Clan Destiny hung in the plenary hall of the conference where representatives from more than (90) ninety nations were in attendance. The Conference concluded the United Nations series of world gatherings that began with the Earth Summit.