Last Turn Your Turn, Robert Rauschenberg

The mission of Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) is to help in resolving what is possibly the most serious challenge the world faces today:
the intensifying conflict between the indispensable goals of environmental protection and economic development.

Last Turn- Your Turn, The United Nations Conference on Environment & Development, 1992
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Last Turn- Your Turn, The United Nations Conference on Environment & Development, 1992

$ 5,000.00

By: Robert Rauschenberg

A five color graphic published in an edition of two hundred with twenty-five artist's proofs and three printer's proofs. This limited edition was signed and dated 1991 in the lower right corner by the artist Robert Rauschenberg. Six printings were made from six plates on a hand offset printing press using recyclable inks at Universal Limited Art Editions, Inc. studio. The Japanese Koshiji paper was hand torn to 25"x26". Image rendered by Zincographia, Verona Italy.

A Brief History on Last Turn Your Turn:

Last Turn, Your Turn was created when Theodore W. Kheel a nonprofit, the current Nurture Nature Foundation, to promote the 1992 United Nations Conference (Earth Summit) on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and enlisted the support of friend and internationally recognized artist Robert Rauschenberg. Rauschenberg created Last Turn, Your Turn, the official artwork of the Earth Summit and donated a limited edition of two hundred (200) signed and numbered prints to raise funds to promote the conference. The delegates of one-hundred-seventy-eight (178) nations in attendance at the Earth Summit unanimously endorsed Agenda 21, an historic document based on the concept of sustainable development, defined as "development meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."