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Video Clams, critters and the wildest nature in NYC. Queens

Clams, critters and the wildest nature in NYC. Queens

Sea denizens at low tide.

Probably the deepest, darkest of NY wildernesses is at our doorstep: water. The Hudson River, the Estuary, the Harbor, the Atlantic Ocean (we're on the Coast, right!) are all teeming with life; everything from seahorses to seals, the occasional whale, dolphin and manatee and, especially, school upon school of fish (200 species in the estuary alone) and shovel upon bushel of clams, sponges, and other benthic critters, lurk and thrive in our midst. What do we ever see (or sea) of this great outdoors? Our best chance is at low tide (unless of course we dive in with mask and Oxygen tank): there, at the intertidal zone, clams and seashells and hoards of other plants and animals either live or get stranded - and eaten by gulls, as in the case in this video. Why go on Safari? We have the water. And biodiversity supreme. The seashores of Breezy point, Coney Island, Staten Island, await…