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Video Redefining the 'Bird brain'. Great Black-backed Gull. Brooklyn

Redefining the 'Bird brain'. Great Black-backed Gull. Brooklyn

Seagulls hunting for crabs on a beach on the campus of Kingsborough Community College.

Seagulls such as this Great Black-backed Gull are quintessential opportunists. In a single day, they can hunt by following fishing fleets of Coney Island, feed at a fast food parking lot or picnic area (Nathan's !), raid the eggs and young of other nesting seabirds (Hoffman Island), or successfully hunt for crabs on the beach fronting Kingsborough Community College. In the animal world, such versatility and survivorship is synonymous not with instinct, but with the cognitive capacity to seek out, investigate, evaluate, reap, memorize and truly learn to 'understand' one's environment, i.e.: brain power !