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The mission of Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) is to help in resolving what is possibly the most serious challenge the world faces today:
the intensifying conflict between the indispensable goals of environmental protection and economic development.

Report for the Nurture Nature Foundation Charles Komanoff and Gernot Wagner

In July 2023, Charles Komanoff and Gernot Wagner prepared a report entitled Nurture Nature Foundation entitled "A Congestion Toll to Live With". The report describes a new tolling plan, which would allow the MTA to deliver the revenue that is needed with a less draconian toll structure than the peak tolls that had been feared ($17 to $23). The plan also could mollify opposition to congestion pricing from New Jersey officials by crediting existing Lincoln and Holland Tunnel tolls toward the new congestion toll. In addition, the plan offers relief to New York’s hard-pressed taxi workers by foregoing tolls or additional surcharges for yellow cab rides. The new tolling plan is based on recent updates to the Balanced Transportation Analyzer ("BTA"). A copy of the Report " is available here.