Last Turn Your Turn, Robert Rauschenberg

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the intensifying conflict between the indispensable goals of environmental protection and economic development.

Video Bioaccumulation


A young gull feeds on a mussel and exposes itself to the food chain's toxins.

There is only one thing wrong with seafood in NY. It comes from the bottom of the ocean or harbor - where everything from old dioxins, PCB's, Nickel, chrome, mercury (leftovers from the industrial era of NY) can still be found. These toxins are the cancer of nature in the NY-NJ area. They work their way up through the food chain. They bio-accumulate; in other words their concentrations increase in larger predators. This young gull will expose itself to mild levels of toxicity; some animals can even suffer liver and brain lesions after a life's exposure to PCB's. Top of the food web predators, like Bald Eagles nesting on the Hudson, further upstate, are the most at risk.